Misión y Visión

Mission Statement

Our mission is to give our students a holistic bilingual education.  This mission is based on forming character, scientific and cognitive development, cultural awareness, physical development and technological advancement with high standards of quality. To provide Honduran society with young adults that are pillars of development, democracy, and national identity.

Vision Statement

By 2018, we want to be an institution of quality and a leader in education.   With continual progress of learning new forms of education, wewill contribute to the development and formation of our student’s abilities, skills, knowledge and values.  Thus fulfilling the acquired compromise with every parent.


Contribute to the development of the abilities, skills, and values in every one of our students.  To provide teaching based on learning and cooperative work.  To develop an excellent academic education based in the environment of a bilingual education.  Also, to contribute to the development in learners a desire that learning is for life.


Nashville School believes that every child deserves an opportunity to receive a quality of education that prepares them in a holistic way – values, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally. We offer a quality of bilingual education that meets the student’s potential and at the same time challenges them to excel. Westrive to help each student realize their educational goals so that they will benefit in today’s forever changing society. Nashville gives opportunity to lowerin come families with students who might not be able to other wise afford a bilingual education. The school provides an environment that issafe, supports risk-taking, and is inviting to ideas and creativity. We practice and teach the importance of citizenship, and the keeping of Honduran customs, traditions, and culture. We greatly support and teach that learning is a continual and necessary process for life. We believe in the limitles sabilities of our students to take Honduras into the future with success.

Philosophy Objectives

• Develop a curriculum that expands across all subjects.  Also, to include life topics such as: health, social media, impact of physical activity, psychological well-being, and learning as a life-long process.

• Transformour curriculum to meet special educational needs of students and offer advanced placement classes in english and math.

• Organize this year a career committee that will provide information and give help to studentspreparing for a college career or entering the work force.

• Provide the highest quality education at a minimum cost to the community.

• Evaluate regularly the safety and security elements that make our school agreat place to play and learn.

• Promote citizen ship through a value system, national identity, culture, and traditions.

• Provide a learning environment that allows students to becreative, take chances with boundaries, and have freedom of expression and ideas.

• Re-evaluate our educational purpose and plan yearly to modify and improve upon the process by which our school exists and grows.

• Contribute to the advancement of our students by applying methodologies that form the development of their abilities, skills, and values.

• Provide a bilingual educational environment that raises the standards of quality whichin turn promotes in our students a thirst for learning and an aspiration for excellence.

• Instruct our students about the importance of a professional education in the development of their life.