Welcome Letter


Dear students, Parents and NST staff members:


Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! The administrative and teaching staff of NST have been constantly working in recent years to improve, our level of academics, not only in theoretical knowledge, but also in the practical and experiential.We have hired new and excellent teachers that will help increase the student´s knowledge and achieve with it our main objective: Young people committed to Honduras.


NST is committed to providing an innovated education to our students, thus fulfilling a commitment acquired to each of you. Thereby through a continuous process of advancement; wecontribute to the development of the student´s own skills, knowledge, and values.


We have made many significant improvements in our physical facilities, but we still have many things to do to create an ideal teaching and learning environment. Most recently, we have acquired a new property where we will expand ourselves.


We invite you to share in the educational process of your children with us. We thank you for your trust in allowing us to educate your children, We ask that all interested parties commit to our goals and do their  part to make all objectives of the school become a reality. WELCOME to the Family of Nashville School!!!


We expect great things from each one of our students!!!

We wish each of you a great school year.


Board of Directors